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Modern Employee Recognition and Rewards Program

Accelerate Employee Performance and Build Morale

Reinforce your culture, mission and values with an employee recognition and rewards program

Employee recognition and rewards programs are more important than ever to attracting and retaining modern employees. More so  than their older counterparts, Millennials and Generation Z want to know exactly what it takes to succeed and feel appreciated for contributing to the business’ goals. An active employee recognition and rewards program can reinforce and reward employees for behavior and achievements tied to a company’s values and mission.


The importance of continuous feedback, social recognition and meaningful rewards

Continuous feedback

An effective recognition and rewards program is more than just a way to highlight achievements; it’s the easiest way to create a culture of feedback. Today’s employees want continuous feedback on their performance and contributions to the company. An innovative employee recognition and rewards program added the ability for employees to be recognized by not only by their managers, but peers as well.


Social recognition

By making all recognitions visible to all employees, peers can congratulate each other and low-performing individuals can see what it takes to be recognized. It creates a positive, collaborative environment that serves to lift up the entire company and build morale.


Meaningful rewards

HighGround’s approach to rewards is simple: they should be meaningful and personal. Rewarding employees with one-time perks such as a free lunch or certificate does not translate into a better employee experience. Consistent and meaningful peer to-peer recognition – not gifts – inspires and retains employees.


Elevating employee performance with HighGround’s social recognition and rewards platform

With HighGround’s easy to use social recognition and rewards platform, you can:

  • Encourage daily peer-to-peer and top-down recognition of individual and team accomplishments
  • Call on managers to amplify recognitions for added encouragement and praise
  • Allow the recognition social feed to live within collaboration or CRM tools like Slack or Salesforce
  • Identify top performers and create a strategy to further develop their talents
  • Easily collect and measure recognition data to understand its impact on employee engagement score
  • Give employees a digital archive of their personal achievements
  • Create rewards unique to a company’s culture or tied to employee interests
  • Celebrate employees’ years of service and birthdays
  • Improve workplace morale and foster a culture of positive collaboration


The benefits of re-inventing your recognition and rewards program

The positive changes associated with a modern approach to recognition and rewards are significant. Tailoring your program to today’s employees’ needs, work style, and preferences can have a drastic effect on many different areas, from individual performance to company culture to business revenue. With a social recognition and rewards program, businesses can:

  • Help employees reach their full potential and productivity levels, making them more valuable assets
  • Gain real-time visibility into organizations health to prevent major workforce issues
  • Increase employee retention, saving time and money associated with long, expensive hiring cycles
  • Improve customer satisfaction and strengthen relationships


Together, all of these benefits drive greater bottom-line results.

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