Employee Performance Management Strategies You Don’t Want to Miss

Employee Performance Management Strategies You Don’t Want to Miss

Your employee performance management strategies say a lot about your company. After all, the way you manage employee performance has a lot to do with overall happiness and employee engagement. Lax or outdated strategies negatively affect your ability to measure goals and the overall productivity of your workforce.

3 Effective Employee Performance Management Strategies

Managing employee performance is about more than assigning a numerical ranking to someone once a year. It’s about making sure employees are satisfied and engaged at work, and that they want to contribute to your organization’s success. Appraisal programs should motivate better development and shouldn’t stifle progress.

Successful employee performance management strategies have one thing in common: They shift the focus to the needs of the employee, as opposed to strictly focusing on the needs of HR staff and upper-level management. This is done through:

  1. Setting and Defining Goals – Employees who are serious about upward mobility in their career (the kind of employees you want) will usually have a set of goals they want to meet. Research has proven that employees are more likely to achieve goals they set themselves. Give them the tools they need to create and adjust goals to make the best contributions to the business.
  2. Continuous Coaching – Simply setting goals isn’t enough. Effective managers work with staff to monitor and track their progress, providing coaching and assistance when necessary. Consistently tracking employee performance goals reassures staff that you are invested in their success, and are dedicated to helping them reach outlined objectives.
  3. Feedback – Who says feedback has to be a bad thing? Workplace feedback gets a bad rap, especially when it comes from managers. But when you encourage employees to seek feedback on their own terms, it becomes a tool for driving performance and development.

You want employee performance management strategies that will have lasting benefits for your company. But how can you ensure they’ll have the impact you want?

Say hello to HighGround.

Our cloud-based platform was designed with two objectives in mind: high-performing, engaged employees and healthy organizations. We offer the first employee management solution that helps companies build highly engaged cultures through:

  • Continuous Feedback
  • Ongoing Coaching
  • Agile Goal-setting
  • Regular Check-Ins

HighGround’s goal is to provide customers with the tools and support to motivate their workforces to be better. To us, “being better” means higher employee performance and engagement, and better business results.

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