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The Transformation of Employee Performance Management Solutions

Backward-looking annual performance reviews of the past served only to help managers determine compensation and justify employment decisions. Today’s real-time corporate performance management software programs put the employee first. They function as a valuable development tool meant to empower and motivate employees to be successful, productive and an active part of the organizational culture.


With Continuous Performance Management, Everyone Wins

Creating a positive, employee-centric experience is now a strategic initiative for the most competitive businesses, and real-time performance management solutions and development programs are an opportunity to do so. A continuous performance management and ongoing employee development approach works in three stages:

  • Employee-driven goals
  • Regular check-Ins
  • Frequent feedback

performance management solutionsEmployee-driven goals are a key component of an agile performance management strategy. They empower employees to stretch themselves to reach their full potential, create a foundation for coaching and collaboration with managers and peers and align all employees to departmental and company-wide objectives.


corporate performance management softwareCheck-ins facilitate conversations about goal progress, recent accomplishments and longer-term career objectives. They serve as a regular checkpoint for ongoing employee development, where managers can coach individuals on performance and gain a better understanding of overall development. Check-ins also become a digital archive that serves as a summary of performance throughout the year.


employee performance managementFrequent feedback enables not only continuous performance management, but also fosters collaboration and communication across the organization as employees work toward their goals. Making 360 feedback a part of daily work life transforms feedback from top-down, infrequent and negative into an opportunity to learn from peers and gain insights into recent projects, performance or situations.



Using HighGround’s Real-Time Corporate Performance Management and Development Software

hr performance management softwareHighGround puts a company’s most important asset – its employees – at the forefront. HighGround’s technology platform gives companies an intuitive, effective way to turn dated processes into an agile performance management program through meaningful coaching and feedback discussions. With HighGround, companies can:

  • Generate transparency across the organization
  • Ensure performance management consistency for all employees and managers
  • Save time and effort with the automated, Web-based process and innovative features, including mobile funtionality
  • Increase visibility into positive performance and improve poor performance
  • Deliver more personalized reviews to build better relationships
  • Provide frequent feedback in a virtual environment
  • Collaborate with other teams, departments and geographic locations to support a stronger company culture