How Employee Feedback Apps Create Continuous Performance Management

How an Employee Feedback App Creates Continuous Performance Management

Modernize your performance management strategy with a continuous employee feedback and evaluation app

employees using employee feedback appIt’s not enough to simply manage employee performance – today’s businesses are using technology to empower employees to do their best work. An employee feedback app enables modern performance management by facilitating:

  • Real-time coaching and development conversations
  • Group feedback, self-assessments and project retrospectives
  • Department/team evaluations
  • Succession and mobility planning

Backward-looking annual reviews are often ineffective at best, and, at worst, harmful to employee morale. A continuous employee feedback app gives the power to your employees and managers to create an environment of ongoing, continuous development to ultimately maximize employee productivity and potential.



Using employee feedback technology to drive performance

Today’s technology puts development into the hands of employees themselves. Instead of waiting for an annual review, a continuous feedback app enables employees to seek out coaching from managers and feedback from peers and others throughout the organization. By being proactive about their performance, employees are more aware of their strengths and opportunities for improvement, putting them in control of their own careers.

A performance management strategy driven by ongoing use of employee feedback technology has a positive impact on company culture. When employees own their own development and managers have an easy way to coach their teams, everyone thrives. In addition to higher productivity, this also leads to increased employee satisfaction and, ultimately, retention.



Transform your employee experience with HighGround’s continuous employee feedback app

Highground's employee feedback app for IOS or AndroidThe right tool can have an immediate impact on your company’s performance. HighGround is a continuous employee feedback and evaluation app rooted in the belief that performance management should be continuous, development-focused and employee-driven.

Employees use HighGround’s intuitive performance management software to request and track all types of feedback, including 1-on-1 conversations, group feedback, self-assessments and project retrospectives.

Managers can access conversation guides and customizable templates to help them give valuable, actionable feedback to their teams. Managers can then access all communication via the employee feedback app to do department and team evaluations as well as succession and mobility planning.



Why continuous feedback software supports a stronger organization

The benefits of an employee feedback app include:

  • Create a positive environment of development for employees
  • Arm managers with the right tools to give great feedback and make better mobility decisions
  • Take advantage of Millennials’ need for continuous feedback and faster career growth
  • Increase visibility into positive performance and improve poor performance
  • Save time during the annual review process by accessing an entire record of feedback
  • Collaborate with other teams and departments to support a stronger company culture
  • Create a culture of happier, more productive and engaged employees