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Poll your employees to help make better-informed workplace decisions

Poll your employees to help make better-informed workplace decisions

Regular polls can help employees feel more engaged

Take a systemic vote

Your entire workforce can share their opinions so you can make better decisions.

Poll by demographic

Customize questions to address department, location or team-specific opportunities.

Tailor response options

Create Q&As that match your company’s personality and drive participation.

An employee engagement solution to conduct better workforce polls

Gathering the opinions of your workforce via regular polling is an essential piece of increasing employee engagement. If you’re not asking for their opinions, your employees will feel less valued, insignificant in the decision-making process and ultimately, less invested in sticking around.

When you regularly provide employee polls, you’re showing your workforce that their voice matters. Your can empower your employees to have a say no matter where they are – whether on their laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Real-time polling takes you closer to a corporate culture where employees feel respected and as a result, more engaged.

Employee Surveys, real data from surveys

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