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Poll your employees to help make better-informed workplace decisions

Poll your employees to help make better-informed workplace decisions

Regular polls can help employees feel more engaged

Take a systemic vote

Your entire workforce can share their opinions so you can make better decisions.

Poll by demographic

Customize questions to address department, location or team-specific opportunities.

Tailor response options

Create Q&As that match your company’s personality and drive participation.

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Change the way you capture the voice of your workforce using HighGround.

It’s neither effective nor insightful to conduct an annual survey. Today’s workplace is always changing, so you need a constant pulse on your workforce. HighGround’s pulse surveys give you workforce visibility so you can make data-driven decisions that positively affect your business.

HighGround’s survey tool lets you create brief, pulse surveys that gauge employee mood and sentiment. With this employee data in hand, you can address issues right away and increase employee engagement. Employee surveys don’t have to be long but they must spark action.

With HighGround’s social platform, your workforce will be assured that participation in employee survey.

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