Employee Recognition Platform - HighGround
Give your workforce the tools to recognize one another in real-time

Give your workforce the tools to recognize one another in real-time

HighGround ignites your recognition program

Customize your recognitions

Recognize employees with badges reflective of your mission, vision and values.

Make it visible

Extend the feed into everyday tools, such as collaboration and CRM platforms.

employee goals

Empower your customers

Let customers recognize your employees for remarkable service.

HighGround’s real-time recognition platform can change your company culture

Every company wonders how to increase employee engagement. It’s not enough anymore to give away annual service awards, plaques, or branded pens. HighGround’s recognition software gives your engagement program the boost it needs.

Our social recognition platform lets employees recognize one another in real-time. Peers can highlight each other’s achievements, managers can acknowledge great work and leadership can identify top performers.

Once your social recognition program is up-and-running, you’ll have insights into top performers and visibility into areas for improvement. Increasing employee engagement will no longer be a challenge and you can focus on what matters most – your business.

Who else is using HighGround for recognition?

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