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Amplify your corporate culture with real-time recognition and rewards

Amplify your corporate culture with real-time recognition and rewards

Peer-driven, Mission-focused Recognition and Rewards

Through the HighGround employee engagement platform, you can build a highly engaged workforce through empowering real-time acknowledgement and continuous feedback. You can tie recognition to your mission, vision and values and encourage your employees to recognize one another for living out those ideals.

With a motivated workforce able to reach its full potential and visibility into organizational health, you can increase employee retention, productivity, customer satisfaction and ultimately drive bottom-line results.





Using HighGround’s intuitive, social and mobile platform, you can:

  • Encourage real-time peer to peer and top down recognition to showcase individual and team accomplishments.
  • Call on managers to amplify recognitions for added encouragement and praise.
  • Give employees a digital archive of their personal achievements.
  • Celebrate employees’ years of service and birthdays.
  • Make it easy for people to contribute by extending the recognition social feed into the tools your employees love to use everyday, such as collaboration or CRM tools.
  • Let employees choose rewards that are relevant to them, including non-monetary, monetary and creative cultural rewards tailored to your company.
  • Enable your monetary rewards programs with our network of locally sourced experiences and gifts in more than 100 countries.
  • Identify top performers and create a strategy to further develop their talents.
  • Measure your recognition interaction data with benchmarking and pulse survey results to identify how recognition impacts your engagement scores.

Extend your recognition platform to your network of customers, partners and suppliers.

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Place a “Recognize Me” call to action button at the bottom of your employee email signatures and on other communication tools to solicit feedback from people outside your organization. Positive comments and ratings will appear in your social feed. Negative feedback is sent directly to the employee and manager so you can take immediate action to resolve the concerns.

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