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Take advantage of the entire HighGround platform to see the best results.

HighGround customers build strong workplace cultures where employees receive continuous feedback to help them reach their full potential. In addition, managers have easy-to-use, mobile-friendly tools to coach and develop their teams, while executives gain visibility into overall organizational health. Ultimately, a more inspired workforce leads to increased employee retention, productivity, customer satisfaction and better bottom-line results.

Amplify your corporate culture with real-time recognition and rewards

​Mergers and acquisitions, high growth or stagnant environments and other large change management initiatives can have a significant impact on company culture and sentiment. Additionally, today’s employees expect the workplace to provide them the same level of convenience and instant access to information that they get from consumer technology.

HighGround can help you build a rock solid company culture fueled by a constant flow of real-time feedback loops. Empower your employees to recognize great work around them that aligns with your mission, vision and values. Learn more about HighGround’s Recognition and Rewards solution.

Using the HighGround’s easy-to-use, social and mobile recognition platform, you can:

  • Encourage real-time peer to peer and top down recognition to showcase individual and team accomplishments.
  • Celebrate employee’s years of service and birthday.
  • Call on managers to amplify recognitions for added encouragement and praise.
  • Give employees a digital archive of their personal achievements.
  • Make it easy for people to contribute by extending the recognition social feed into the tools your employees love to use everyday, such as collaboration or CRM tools.
  • Let employees choose rewards that are relevant to them, including non-monetary, monetary and creative cultural rewards tailored to your company.
  • Enable your monetary rewards programs with our network of locally sourced experiences and gifts in more than 100 countries.
  • Identify top performers and create a strategy to further develop their talents.
  • Measure your recognition interaction data with benchmarking and pulse survey results to identify how recognition impacts your engagement scores.

Extend your recognition platform to your network of customers, partners and suppliers.

Place a “Recognize Me” call to action button at the bottom of your employee email signatures and on other communication tools to solicit feedback from people outside your organization. Positive comments and ratings will appear in your social feed. Negative feedback is sent directly to the employee and manager so you can take immediate action to resolve the concerns.

Understand the voice of the employee through pulse surveys and "people" data

Most companies conduct some sort of an annual employee survey to get an understanding of the overall sentiment, as well as identify more granular data to make workplace decisions. Today’s Millennial employee will change positions every 18 months on average which, among other factors such as workplace evolutions, makes the annual survey less valid and effective.

Listening to the voice of the employee is very powerful and HighGround’s platform allows you to do so on an ongoing basis, through real-time sentiment tracking, aka, “pulse checks” and periodic benchmarking surveys. Combine that with the HighGround predictive analytics engine, you can glean significant insights to drive performance improvements.

  • Monitor the overall mood of your organization trending over time.
  • Find inefficiencies, roadblocks and blind-spots before they happen.
  • Compare averages and track trends and sort data by various employee groups.
  • Make the results transparent to the organization to create an open dialogue for positive change.
  • Guarantee anonymity to give your employees the security to make their voice heard, which gives you access to totally candid, genuine feedback.
  • Answer the questions and address the concerns your employees are raising, fostering good will and eliminating issues before they become huge problems.

Modernize performance management with real-time coaching and feedback

According to research firm Bersin by Deloitte, around 70% of companies are in the process of reconsidering their performance review strategy. There are many reasons behind this profound shift, including:

  • Managers and employees alike are frustrated with the time-consuming and inefficient annual review process that largely yields more disengagement than performance improvements.
  • Millennials grew up with instant feedback through Facebook Like and Yelp so they want to see that as a part of the workforce environment as well.
  • Work is happening more frequently across teams which makes individual tracking and rating challenging.
  • There is a need to develop people faster with talent shortages across many skillsets and industries.

HighGround lets you put your employees and managers at the forefront and turn the annual performance review into real-time, meaningful coaching and feedback discussions. By conducting more nimble, future-focused conversations you can enhance the company culture while helping your people recognize their personal strengths and take charge of their own career development.

  • Set and track quarterly individual and team goals and objectives and key results (OKR’s) that are aligned with company goals. Make those goals transparent across the organization.
  • Give and receive continuous feedback that is asked for and accepted from all directions.
  • Set frequent check-ins between the manager and the employee and quickly document snippets of those conversations.

Of course many companies do want to continue to conduct performance reviews. With HighGround the process is incredibly easy and efficient. Each employee can see a “report card” summary of all the interactions tracked in HighGround throughout the year, including recognitions received, goals achieved and snapshots of coaching conversations. This allows you to quickly celebrate accomplishments and set new goals. Managers and employees alike no longer need to spend countless hours tracking down the history of what happened six months ago. The review documentation is essentially built for you.