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Strategically evaluate talent and make better downstream decisions

Bridge the gap between everyday performance management and downstream decisions.

The most forward-thinking organizations are relying less on numeric ratings to assess employees because they are de-motivating. This shift, however, is creating a disconnect between modern performance management and the traditional calibration process.

Talent Assessment’s quick and simple assessment helps managers think about each of their direct reports’ performance and potential. Upon completion, each employee is segmented on a variety of charts, giving managers and leaders an action plan to make more informative key decisions.


Why It Matters

  • Assess employees accurately on difficult-to-measure competencies
  • Zero in on employee potential and business impact, short and long term
  • Fuel positive employee morale and growth by using a fair approach
  • Enable proactive leadership development and responsibility planning
  • Capture data-driven insights and formulate appropriate action plans
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36 employees “leveled-up” in the first three months


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