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Transform performance management into real-time performance management.

Transform performance management into real-time performance management.

A performance management system that empowers and motivates your workforce to do their best.

Transform performance management

Do you have an real-time performance management plan? Our performance management software helps you transition from annual, backward-looking performance appraisals to real-time, development-focused conversations between not only employees and their managers, but between peers as well. HighGround is a multipurpose feedback tool that empowers employee coaching and archives 1-on-1 conversations, group feedback, self-assessments, project retrospectives, department/team evaluations, and succession and mobility planning.

You’ll also get access to conversation guides and customizable templates that will help you maximize the use of the application so it best fits your needs. No matter how you utilize the platform, you’re guaranteeing your workforce continues to develop through ongoing, continuous feedback and coaching.


Employee-Driven Goals

Motivate employees to strive for peak performance through coaching and feedback

Employee Check-Ins

Enable continuous and meaningful conversations about goals, performance and development.

Real-Time Employee Feedback

Modernize your performance management strategy with real-time, peer-driven feedback.

Using HighGround’s intuitive, social and mobile engagement platform:

  • Set and track quarterly individual and team goals and objectives and key results (OKR’s) that are aligned with company goals. Make those goals transparent across the organization.
  • Give and receive continuous feedback that is asked for and accepted from all directions.
  • Empower frequent check-ins between the manager and the employee and quickly document snippets of those conversations.
  • Get access to conversation guides that can help guide managers on situation-specific conversations such as skills development, promotions, putting someone on a Performance Improvement Plan or termination.
  • Customize templates to be reflective of business plans and team goals.
  • Gain visibility into talent analytics, identify high-performing employees and uncover areas for improvement.
  • Track progression toward corporate goals and get a full view into organizational health.

Eliminate manual, paper-based processes for real-time feedback

Many companies want to completely eliminate performance reviews. For those companies HighGround provides a “report card” summary of all the interactions tracked in the application throughout the year, including recognitions received, goals achieved and snapshots of coaching conversations. This allows you to quickly celebrate accomplishments and set new goals. Managers and employees alike no longer need to spend countless hours tracking down the history of what happened six months ago. The review documentation is essentially built for you.

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