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Give employees a better engagement and development experience

HighGround’s modern performance management and employee engagement solution cannot and does not replace your current HRIS system. Instead, it bridges the essential gap between the employee data housed in those systems and the more user-friendly employee experience today’s employees need. You’ll want all the rich information from the interactions occurring in our platform to make its way back into your HR system. Give your administrators control to manage these data exchanges through an easy-to-use, full-featured, self-service user interface. Click below to see just a few of the HRIS systems with which HighGround has expertise.

HR apps
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Integrate HighGround with the business apps your employees use day in, day out

Employee actions and interactions are tracked across many business applications used by your organization, such as your CRM platform. HighGround can easily extract real-time, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) data from those systems to automate goal progress tracking, achievement-based recognition and performance assessment. With this capability you can link everyday work to your employee engagement program without lifting a finger. Click below to see just a few of the integrations with which HighGround has expertise.

Business workflow apps Gmail & Outlook Plugins
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Drive user adoption by maintaining current user experiences

Your workforce can interact with HighGround through the apps and systems they already use in their normal day-to-day operations, helping to ensure ease of use and adoption. We can help you easily embed HighGround within your existing social applications, such as Chatter, Yammer and Slack. We also support various Single Sign On (SSO) options. Click below to see just a few of the social collaboration integrations with which HighGround has expertise.

Social collaboration apps
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Full API documentation for your development team

Take advantage of our robust API integrations and allow your tools to connect and communicate seamlessly.

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