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Employee engagement directly affects business performance. Companies without an agile performance and engagement platform in place risk high rates of employee turnover and low workforce morale.

HighGround’s innovative, cloud-based solution leverages a series of feedback and recognition tools that allow your organization to build a highly engaged, high-performing workforce.

Benefits of Robust Employee Engagement Software

Approximately 90 percent of decision makers think a robust engagement strategy will positively impact their organization, but only 25 percent have a strategy in place. Today’s employees want through an open communication forum that enables surveys, recognition and feedback in the workplace. That’s where HighGround comes in.

Changing the face of employee engagement, our platform benefits both employees and managers. Here’s how:

Employees Can

Employees Can

  • Create agile goals, solicit feedback from peers and check in with their managers to achieve peak performance
  • Recognize and reward peers for work aligned with the company’s mission, vision and values
  • Share opinions and mood with leadership on an ongoing basis

Managers Can

Managers Can

  • Become more effective coaches with the help of conversations guides
  • Solicit feedback on their own performance as leaders to find areas for improvement
  • Get visibility into frequently recognized employees
  • Understand team sentiment

Better Employee Engagement Starts Here

Strong employee engagement fuels successful businesses. When your employees feel they’re meeting goals and performing to the best of their abilities, they’re far more invested in your organization’s success.

Take employee engagement to the next level. Get started with HighGround.

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