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Traditional methods of performance management like annual reviews and infrequent and ineffective manager and employee check-ins are disappearing from organizations as HR professionals seek more successful ways to engage employees.

At HighGround, we recognize employees need frequent conversations, interactions and check-ins with managers and peers to continuously improve performance and reach career benchmarks.

Benefits of Employee Check-In Software

Consistency and timeliness of check-in conversations are key. HighGround’s employee check-in software facilitates a more effective, comprehensive performance dialogue by giving employees the power to take responsibility for their personal development.

Our check-in platform delivers ongoing benefits for your entire workforce:

For Employees

For Employees

  • Agile goal setting enables employees to be the drivers behind their own career growth
  • Can set regular check-ins to ensure performance is on track
  • Staff can highlight recognitions and tie them to performance

For Managers

For Managers

  • Access to a digital archive of performance-related conversations with employees
  • Real-time reports and metrics give managers visibility to employee progress toward goals
  • Customized templates for personalized check-ins and goal setting
  • Can solicit feedback on their own performance as managers

Make the Transition to Robust Employee Check-In Software

Employees want the power to set check-ins and manage their career goals. Give them a platform with the tools to facilitate discussions and reach career benchmarks. Give them HighGround.

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