Finding the Right Employee Performance Management Software

The Do’s and Don’ts of Finding Employee Performance Management Software

Considering employee performance management software for your company? You’re not alone. Organizations of all sizes are saying goodbye to outdated methods of check-ins and reviews, and adopting performance management tools to engage and improve their people.

Unlike paper-based, annual appraisals, real-time performance management software offers unparalleled insight into the overall health of your company. Additionally, you can facilitate peer-driven feedback and provide ongoing coaching on a continuous basis – not just once a year.

The Downside of Traditional Employee Performance Management

It’s rare that you’ll walk into an organization that doesn’t have some sort of review program in place. And in most cases, that process involves one-on-one meetings where a manager gives an employee a meaningless numerical ranking. Although annual review processes are common, they present a lot of problems for HR, upper-level management and employees:

  • Feedback given from the top-down and only once a year does nothing to motivate better performance. Employees and managers alike dread the process.
  • Organizations need to keep a close watch on employee performance to identify high-achieving individuals or teams. Unfortunately, you can’t do that with annual performance management.
  • If employees have issues or questions about their development, they might not have an opportunity to voice those concerns until their next meeting.

Key Do’s and Don’ts of Finding Employee Performance Management Software

If you’re ready to find employee engagement software, but don’t know where to begin, don’t stress. Narrow down your options by remembering a few key do’s and don’ts:


  • Look for software with real-time visibility and feedback. Select a technology that empowers employees to give and receive feedback in real-time. Sometimes the most valuable feedback comes from a peer rather than a manager, who might not know the ins and outs of certain projects.
  • Focus on your employees’ needs. Many companies implement performance management software, but miss one crucial detail – their employees. The technology you choose should be just as helpful and engaging for employees as it is for HR. Look for a solution that offers coaching, goal-setting, one-on-one feedback and more.


  • Select a platform without in-depth analytics. Without proper analytics, you might as well go back to annual performance management. In-depth analytics enable you to measure employee engagement, better understand organizational health and track progress toward company goals. Share these insights with your workforce to help them hone their skills, making a lasting impact over time.
  • Pick a solution that doesn’t facilitate real-time interaction. Take advantage of technology that allows employees to facilitate real-time, ongoing exchanges with team members. The moment an issue arises or a check-in is required, staff can start conversations with managers and HR administrators.

Top-Tier Employee Performance Management Software From HighGround

HighGround was founded based on a simple observation: Traditional employee performance management systems focused on the needs of HR staff and upper-level management, not the employee. So we decided to create a comprehensive platform that puts the workforce first.

HighGround offers the first HR cloud platform designed with employees in mind. We help companies build highly engaged culture through continuous feedback, ongoing coaching, agile goal-setting, in-depth analytics and more.

Your employee performance management software is about to get a major upgrade. Learn about breaking with convention to drive a more regenerative, agile and relevant approach with our on-demand webinar to the right.