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Creating an Employee Recognition Program With a Real-Time Feedback Loop

Many companies struggle to leverage employee recognition programs for increased engagement and other outcomes. It’s not enough to provide sparse feedback and one-time perks. You need to establish a culture where recognition and feedback happen in a constant loop. Consistently recognizing employees increases retention, productivity and ultimately, drives bottom-line results.

How to Create an Employee Recognition Program with a Real-Time Feedback Loop

Recognition is an essential part of employee engagement. However, outdated recognition practices like generic praise in annual performance reviews won’t cut it. Instead, you need an employee recognition program built around real-time acknowledgement and feedback.

How do you create a real-time feedback loop?

  • Encourage multidirectional feedback and recognition. Recognition should occur across the entire organization. Develop a strategy that encourages peer-to-peer recognition and feedback, allowing employees to recognize both individual and team accomplishments. In most cases, real-time recognition is more meaningful than the feedback employees receive through annual performance conversations.
  • Make recognition simple. Complicated programs and technologies are disincentives for real-time recognition. User-friendly mobile and social tools make recognition simple. Some platforms also integrate with other technologies (such as collaboration apps and CRM tools) to improve manager visibility to feedback for coaching conversations.
  • Work with top performers to improve their skills. In addition to recognition, employees want to know you’re invested in their careers. Recognition programs are a great starting point for career growth conversations. After recognizing employees for hard work and positive results, managers can collaborate with them on a plan for taking the next step in their career.

The Benefits of a Robust Employee Recognition Program

Recognition programs don’t only benefit employees – they can have an even greater impact on your organization, improving:

  • Retention Rates – Regular recognition, feedback and rewards can lead to more engaged, happier employees. This reduces turnover and helps stabilize the workforce.
  • Morale – Values-based recognition programs go a long way in increasing workforce morale. Employees appreciate being recognized for their hard work, leading to an overall positive attitude.
  • Productivity – Recognition ties directly to productivity. The more often good work is acknowledged, the more likely it is that employees will invest time and energy in the organization.

Build Your Employee Recognition Program with HighGround

At HighGround, we believe in helping companies build highly engaged cultures through real-time recognition, acknowledgement and feedback. Our employee recognition program technology gives employees the tools to share real-time, peer-to-peer feedback, communicate with supervisors and more.

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