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For most organizations, feedback is viewed as negative criticism delivered from the top-down during annual performance reviews. Unfortunately, employees have come to fear – and almost resent – receiving feedback.

At HighGround, we believe feedback should be a voluntary dialogue. Our employee feedback software allows managers and employees to solicit individual or group feedback in real time, creating a constant communication loop and open forum for discussion.

Advantages of Robust Employee Feedback Software

Today’s workforce should approach feedback as an opportunity to learn from peers and better understand management’s insights regarding recent projects and performance.

Companies using HighGround’s platform have employees who regularly request feedback from managers and peers. This real-time employee feedback fosters a growth mindset. Here’s why:

 Employees Can

Employees Can

  • Better understand how they are performing and areas for improvement
  • Request feedback, thoughts and opinions from specific individuals
  • Customize the feedback process to meet both personal and company needs

Managers Can

Managers Can

  • Solicit feedback about direct reports from other team members
  • Ease transitions between roles or teams
  • Initiate self-assessments for employees that allows them to reflect on achievements and performance

Improve Employee Feedback Processes With HighGround

When you give employees the power to seek and share feedback, it transforms a previously negative, feared process into a positive, performance-improving one.

Take the fear out of feedback. Get started with HighGround.

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