How to Create a Better Employee Engagement Survey

How to Create a Better Employee Engagement Survey

Growth-minded companies rely on employee engagement surveys to gauge employee sentiment and understand their concerns. But many traditional, annual employee surveys are too little, too late because they’re taken so infrequently and fail to capture the mood of the workplace.

Measuring employee sentiment is important. However, it’s just as important for companies to take action on the information collected after these surveys are complete. And that’s really what creating a better employee engagement survey is all about – putting employees front and center in the process.

Obstacles to Employee Engagement Survey Success

Nearly all companies need a way to compete for and retain top talent so they also need a way to measure employee engagement. But in most cases, surveys are conducted infrequently and very little is actually done with the results after surveys are completed.

Although your legacy system may seem straightforward, it fails to address several obstacles that determine the quality of insights captured from the survey:

  • The need for constant visibility to the mood of the workforce
  • The ability to acquire enough data to make intelligent and strategic workplace decisions
  • A less-than-ideal user experience for employees and little confidence that survey results will actually drive change

Even more importantly, many employee engagement surveys fall short when it comes to improving workforce engagement. Instead of encouraging employees to take a more active role in the direction of the business, these surveys are simply seen as a way for managers and decision-makers to gather data that has little impact on employees’ careers or the workplace culture.

Improving Your Employee Engagement Surveys

At HighGround, we believe we have a responsibility to help employees leverage surveys for business success. Leading workforce engagement platforms empower employees and employers with tools and features that go far beyond a simple, annual or semi-annual survey:

  • Real-time Pulse Surveys – Brief, pulse surveys monitor workplace sentiment in real time, allowing employees to weigh in on issues that matter to them on a more frequent basis. The benefits for managers and decision-makers? Constant visibility to employee sentiment and a workforce that feels much more engaged in the process.
  • Workforce Polling – Real-time employee polls are ideal for soliciting ideas and opinions from your workforce. As a result, you can help employees feel more respected and more involved in the decision-making process.
  • Benchmarking – During times of transition or at specific times of year, benchmark employee engagement surveys help you identify opportunities and make changes that align with employees’ values and goals. In addition to improving engagement, engagement surveys generate the data you need to move forward with the support of your workforce.

Ready for Better Employee Engagement Surveys in Your Organization?

HighGround changes the conversation about employee engagement by giving employees a louder, clearer voice in your organization. Our cloud-based employee engagement survey platform allows employees to participate in surveys and polls anytime, anywhere – on the device of their choosing.

Want to learn more? Download our whitepaper, Shift Your Employee Survey Approach.”