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Performance Management Software

employee feedback appHighGround HR performance management software and corporate performance management software unlocks your employee potential by giving them the tools, processes and confidence they need to be their best.


HighGround’s innovative platform moves your business forward by:

  • Empowering and motivating your people to reach their goals
  • Cultivating an environment where your entire team can thrive
  • Exposing strengths and weaknesses to boost individual performance


Why is HighGround’s Performance Management Software Unique?

Today’s employees want to set their own goals, receive real-time feedback and coaching, and feel that their work is valued and impacts broader business success. HighGround’s modern HR performance management software and CPM software enables all this and more.

HighGround takes an unconventional approach to performance management by putting the employee experience first. Employees are in control of their own careers, from setting their own goals to requesting feedback from peers and scheduling frequent performance conversations with their managers. They control the pace of their own development and progress, all while understanding how their work fits within the bigger picture. The result? Employees who are happier, productive, and more successful. And, high-performing employees power business performance.



Elements of HighGround’s Performance Management Software

HighGround’s performance management software has the features and functionality you need to optimize your employee performance.

Real-Time Performance Management

Empowers your employees to continuously improve. HighGround enables this by providing the technology to support:


  • Employees and managers can create, modify, and collaborate on goals from any device.
  • HR leaders can track the company’s department and individual progress over time.



  • Employees can request check-ins at any time for in-the-moment coaching as they work toward their goals.
  • Managers can use check-ins to proactively address potential issues and redirect employees as needed to keep them on track.



  • Feedback from peers, managers, and customers keeps employees aware of how their performance is perceived by others and motivates them to do better.
  • The easy-to-use feedback app keeps employees connected and engaged on their mutual projects.



  • Analyzes an employee’s day-to-day performance against the company’s long-term goals
  • Reinforces whether or not employee competence is accurately measured.


A Culture of Engagement

How does HighGround help keep your employees engaged and an active part of your company culture?


  • Recognition from peers, managers, and customers reinforces positive behaviors that support your company’s values.
  • Rewards can be monetary, charitable, or experience-based based on an employee’s interests.



  • Different types of surveys give your employees options when it comes to sharing their meaningful insights your company needs.
  • Only when the employee’s voice is being heard can businesses become an employer of choice.


How Performance Management Software Works

Continuous performance management benefits everyone at your place of work, and creating a positive and employee-centric experience is a critical strategic initiative. Our HR and CPM performance management software provides the opportunity to bring these benefits to the center of your employee’s experiences.


To give a specific example, CPM software typically includes a variety of functions such as budgeting and planning, business forecasting, and scorecards that provide important corporate information in an easy to digest display.

At HighGround, we maintain that a continuous performance management and ongoing employee development approach operates in three main stages, namely:

  • Employee-driven goals
  • Regular check-ins
  • Frequent feedback


Employee-driven goals are a key component of a functional and dynamic performance management system. The process of creating and working toward goals empowers employees to increase their skills, maximize output, and reach their full potential. This strategy creates a solid foundation for coaching and collaboration with peers and managers alike. Individual goal-setting also creates the opportunity for all employees to understand company-wide goals and to work towards aligning themselves with them.

Checking in with Your Employees

Frequently checking in with employees facilitates conversations about goal progress, recent accomplishments, and long-term career objectives. These opportunities to discuss work product and progress may serve as takeoff points for conversations surrounding ongoing employee development. Managers have the opportunity to coach individual employees on performance and understand how an employee is growing and developing.

Check-ins are digitally recorded and can be referenced to serve as a form of a summary of employee performance. It is easy to see how an employee has grown throughout their time at your company. This may become part of your company’s best practices.

Providing Frequent Feedback

Consistent feedback mechanisms enable continuous performance management while also fostering collaboration and communication. A culture of constructive feedback encourages employees across an organization to pursue their unique goals. This forward-thinking approach to reviews allows employees to constantly learn from themselves, their peers, and their supervisors in all aspects of their work.



Benefits of HR and Corporate Performance Management Software

hands showing mobile phone with goal tracking softwareThere are many benefits to using HR performance management software and corporate performance management software. HighGround’s innovative technology platform offers a user-friendly and intuitive way to turn dated processes into strategic performance management where companies:

  • create transparency across the organization
  • ensure performance management consistency for all employees
  • save time and effort with HighGround’s automated, Web-based processes and innovative features (including mobile functionality)
  • Gain visibility into positive performance and improve poor performance
  • deliver more personalized coaching to build better relationships
  • provide ongoing feedback in a virtual environment
  • collaborate across teams, departments, and even offices to strengthen company culture


The corporate performance management software and HR performance management software provided by HighGround offers companies an integrated system of performance management, combining various critical components into one seamless online platform. Our comprehensive system is sure to engage your employees and optimize your business.