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Continuous Performance Management and the Millennial Workforce

Continuous performance management drives improved outcomes and job satisfaction among Millennials. But it’s not just 20- and 30-somethings that benefit from more real-time coaching conversations. Across the board, all generations of employees and managers are benefitting from ongoing performance conversations.

Why Your Employees Prefer a Continuous Performance Management Approach

Employees always want to improve their performance. When employees feel empowered with the support and tools to perform at the highest possible level, they’re more engaged in their work and more invested in the organization. It’s a continuous performance management cycle that improves productivity and engagement through constant conversations between employees, managers and peers.

A recent HighGround study on performance management, “Beyond the Annual Review: The Transformative State of Performance Conversations,” found that approximately half of all employees (47%) feel that weekly check-ins help them do better work – and it jumps to 64 percent for employees who participate in daily check-ins with their managers.

Frequent check-ins and coaching sessions help managers keep track of employee progress and provide opportunities to support employees in new ways. The more frequently managers and employees have check-ins and coaching conversations, the more likely employees are to believe that these interactions result in better work performance.

Implementing Continuous Performance Management in Your Organization

A continuous performance management cycle benefits Millennials and other generations of employees. By encouraging regular conversations about employees’ progress and goals, HR teams play a role in improving productivity and performance, which inevitably results in better employee engagement.

Although performance management processes should be tailored to the needs of your workforce, there are several things you can do to increase the effectiveness of a continuous approach in your organization.

  • Talk to employees about check-in frequency. There are no set rules about how frequently employees and managers should hold performance-based conversations. As you migrate from annual performance reviews to more frequent performance and coaching conversations, talk to your employees to discover their preferred meeting cadence.
  • Hold in-person check-ins. Performance management and engagement technology is essential because it gives managers and HR teams complete visibility to employees’ progress. But check-ins can’t be achieved through technology alone – they require in-person conversations that allow employees to talk about their progress and discuss their goals with their managers.
  • Include opportunities for peer-to-peer feedback. Peer-to-peer (P2P) feedback is important because it gives HR leaders and managers a more complete view of employees’ performance. Multidirectional feedback can also help create a company culture that values the inclusion of multiple perspectives in the performance management process.

Taking Continuous Performance Management to the Next Level

It’s time to get serious about continuous performance management. To learn more, download “Beyond the Annual Review” to the right and discover how to improve your organization’s performance management process.