Best Practices for Implementing Employee Survey Software

Best Practices for Implementing Employee Survey Software

Employee survey software has the potential to generate important insights for your company and improvements to employee engagement. But not all survey platforms are created equal and when you’re using employee survey benchmark data to make important business decisions, you can’t afford a failed deployment.

The bottom line? You need to get engagement survey software right the first time. A successful deployment starts with understanding the best practices that leading employers follow when they implement survey software in their organizations.

Tips for Selecting and Implementing Employee Survey Software

Your business has a lot riding on the success of your employee survey software. To help guide the process, we’ve compiled a list of tips and best practices that leading employers rely on for the selection and implementation of engagement survey platforms.

    1. Prioritize employee engagement.
      Employee surveys provide useful tools for evaluating employee satisfaction and the overall health of the workforce. Over the past decade, HR teams and employees have started to view employee surveys as a primary resource for measuring and improving employee engagement – a tool that enables employees to participate more fully in workplace decisions.First and foremost, employee survey software should promote engagement and make it easy for employees to participate in the process. Cloud-based platforms that can be accessed on a variety of devices are ideal because they eliminate the hurdles to participation that have plagued traditional benchmark survey software solutions.
    2. Guarantee employee anonymity.
      Employees won’t provide honest employee survey benchmark data if they believe that their responses could be used against them. If responses aren’t anonymous, the data you collect during annual surveys and times of transition will inevitably be tainted and ineffective.The best employee survey software platforms guarantee anonymity, giving employees assurance that their voices will be heard without the risk of negative consequences. The result is that employees feel more respected, while employers receive a higher quality of data for decision-making.
    3. Look for solutions that promote transparency.
      In many organizations, the results of annual or semi-annual engagement surveys are viewed and discussed by executives and managers, then shelved. Too often, employees don’t feel invested in the process because they have little or no visibility into survey results.Best-in-class engagement survey software solutions have built-in features that promote transparency. When employees can view results, they are more supportive of change initiatives that emerge from the data captured in the survey and more trusting of company leadership.
    4. Capture a sufficient quantity of real-time data.
      Benchmark surveys provide data that is essential for decision-making and developing key organizational strategies. Ideally, engagement surveys should capture a large quantity of data that can be reviewed and analyzed immediately, not days or weeks from now.When it’s time to implement new employee survey software, narrow your search to platforms that offer real-time data analysis. The faster you can capture and analyze the data you need, the faster you can transform engagement survey results into meaningful actions and positive change in the workplace.
    5. Create an ongoing dialogue.
      Employee survey benchmark data is important, but it’s only the beginning of a much larger conversation. To keep employees engaged and maintain visibility to the mood of the workplace, annual or semi-annual engagement surveys should be complemented by pulse surveys and employee polling tools.Look for an employee survey software platform that offers multiple ways to capture the voice of your employees. In addition to benchmark surveys, your technology must provide pulse surveys, employee polling and other features that create an ongoing dialogue by engaging your employees on a more frequent basis.

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