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Benefits of an Employee Performance Management System

Why is a good employee performance management system necessary? Because performance appraisals and assessments play a key role in building a skilled, empowered workforce. Successful management relies on more than simply ranking employees once a year. It requires you to connect with your workforce on a deeper level for continuous improvement.

To get in-depth insights and better gauge employees’ performance, you need to eliminate antiquated methods of employee management. That means no longer handing out meaningless numerical rankings once a year. It’s time to go real-time.

The Pitfalls of Annual Employee Performance Management

Expensive, time-consuming and easily forgotten. Sound familiar? Although you’ve historically relied on annual reviews for employee performance management, it’s not an effective system for real-time performance management. This is due to a lack of:

  • Goal Measurement – Annual feedback makes it difficult to get an accurate understanding of employee performance. It’s also difficult to for employees to keep focused on goals set by their manager once a year as other priorities arise.
  • Performance Data – Organizations that track employee performance and productivity can identify high-performing individuals or teams, and those that could use a boost. The most valuable data is collected from a variety of sources regularly – not just once a year.
  • Real-Time Feedback – Insights pulled from an annual performance management aren’t presented in real time, hindering your ability to make immediate strategy adjustments when issues or concerns arise.

It’s time to say goodbye to outdated employee performance management solutions, and get on board with a real-time, reliable system that gives you the information you need, when you need it.

3 Benefits of an Automated Employee Performance Management System

Replacing tedious, labor-intensive performance management methods with a continuous approach is a big step in the right direction for your organization, one that delivers a variety of tangible benefits:

  1. Increased Goal Visibility – Goals are almost always discussed during performance reviews, but without an effective tracking system, it can be difficult for employees and managers to measure progress against them. A real-time solution helps employees and their supervisors set and manage goals on-the-fly. Greater visibility into both team-based and organizational goals creates a culture of transparency.
  2. Enhanced Data Collection – To make necessary strategy adjustments, managers need access to relevant, actionable data. Robust real-time performance management technology allows you to collect data from coaching conversations, check-ins and feedback. Better data collection helps identify positive trends across your company, and determine the areas that could use improvement.
  3. Aggregated Feedback – How can you sustain employees’ happiness and development without giving and receiving feedback? Real-time performance management solutions facilitate in-depth feedback between managers and employees, helping you better identify areas for improvement, as well as coach staff more effectively.

Simplify Employee Performance Management With HighGround

At HighGround, we turn performance management into real-time performance management. Our innovative technology puts the power in employees’ hands. We convert outdated performance reviews into real-time, development-focused conversations that will benefit your entire organization.

Through HighGround’s intuitive engagement platform, you’re able to:

  • Facilitate regular check-ins between managers and employees.
  • Empower peer-to-peer and multidirectional feedback.
  • Set and track individual, team and organizational goals.
  • Facilitate regular check-ins between managers and employees.
  • Access in-depth analytics to identify high-performing employees and areas for improvement.

Discover how more meaningful feedback conversations can improve employee performance. For more performance management strategies download our eBook, “Feedback is Not the Enemy.”