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HighGround Offers Fresh Alternative to the Dreaded Performance Review with New Check-In and Feedback Offerings

Chicago, OCTOBER 4, 2016HighGround, the first HR platform designed for the modern employee, is excited to announce the next generation of its Check-In and Feedback products, available today. HighGround Check-In and Feedback empower employees to take ownership of their career development by initiating conversations with supervisors and soliciting feedback from peers, leading to more frequent, quality conversations. Built to be extremely agile and flexible, organizations can customize the development cadence that fits their unique work environments. With a rich API vendor ecosystem, HighGround works seamlessly with core payroll and human resource information systems (HRIS) while also connecting to more than 50 business applications such as Salesforce.com, Slack and Hipchat. HighGround is launching the updated Check-In and Feedback solutions at the 19th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition in Chicago this week.

According to a February 2106 survey conducted by PwC, 60% of employees reported wanting feedback on a daily or weekly basis. Keeping up with employees’ wants requires much more than a traditional annual performance review. HighGround Check-In facilitates frequent, structured conversations between an employee and their supervisor around progress towards key objectives and developmental goals. It also provides managers with in-the-moment conversation guides to ensure their meetings are productive and well received. Using HighGround Feedback, employees can easily solicit input from their peers or managers across a variety of aspects, including projects success, competencies and potential areas of improvement.

“Performance management needs a major facelift, and our mission is to enable a new way forward,” Vip Sandhir, HighGround Founder and CEO said. “The enhanced HighGround platform gives employees a consumer-like experience and offers organizations an alternative to performance management without losing core HRIS functionality from Workday, SAP or Oracle. As a result, HR leaders get new insights into organizational health to become a better business partner by identifying specific opportunities, such as how to improve sales productivity, build the leadership pipeline and improve retention.”

“With HighGround, everyone from our C-Suite to the managers and employees can interact socially and in real-time around performance through our new agile crowd-based feedback, goal-setting and check-in process,” said Dean Carter, Head of Human Resources & Shared Services, Patagonia. “Getting data from the crowd provides a more balanced, real picture of performance that enables employees and their leaders to have better conversations and leverage high quality feedback to get better every day. The access to data and trends changes the role of HR from guessing what impacts performance to actually knowing.”

In addition to demoing the HighGround platform in Booth 854 at the 19th Annual HR Technology Conference and Exposition, HighGround is pleased to be one of eight startups competing in the Mega Session: “Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company” on Tuesday, October 4 at 3:45 p.m. Central time. For more information about HighGround, visit highground.com.

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HighGround offers the first HR cloud platform designed for the employee to help companies build highly engaged and high-performing cultures through continuous feedback, ongoing employee development and real-time recognition. By using HighGround, employees are empowered to recognize peers daily and contribute to their own career path and companies can more effectively capture the voice of the employee and turn annual performance reviews into meaningful, ongoing coaching conversations. With an inspired workforce able to reach its full potential and visibility into organizational health, HighGround customers, such as Cision, Patagonia, Echo Global Logistics and Allianz can increase employee retention, productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive bottom line results. To learn more, visit www.highground.com.

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