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HighGround Modernizes Goal Management with Enhanced Solution to Drive Greater Organizational Success

CHICAGO, June 6, 2016HighGround, the employee engagement and development platform leader, today announced an enhanced version of its goal management solution within its mobile-friendly platform. HighGround customers can now empower employees to take control of their career development using proven agile goal-setting strategies.

HighGround guides employees through dynamic goal cycles, while managers and peers can collaborate with them on their progress toward achieving those targets. This transparency and accountability creates a positive environment where individuals can easily gauge how their contributions impact the organization’s greater mission and goals.

Improving employee engagement has become one of the highest priorities for organizations across the globe, according to a 2015 Conference Board CEO study. With that in mind, HighGround enhanced its goal management solution to help employers meet the real-time feedback demands of its employees and transition from an inconsistent or annual goal-setting cycle to a continuous or quarterly cadence.

Aureon™, a provider of business support services, with a focus on Technology, HR and Contact Center services, serves diverse clients primarily in the Midwest with a presence in 45 states. The company selected HighGround’s goal management solution as a part of its broader performance management transformation journey.

“As we grow, we are transitioning to an agile goal-setting cadence in order to ensure employees are accountable for their own goal progress through a coaching model that facilitates more frequent, meaningful conversations between managers and their team members,” said Kellie Greiner SPHR, Talent Relations Manager, Aureon. “HighGround’s flexible goal management functionality will help us increase transparency, accountability and goal alignment across the organization while helping our teams track progress and celebrate successes.”

HighGround’s goal management solution now includes:

  • Mobile capabilities that allow employees to create, update and modify goal progress anytime, anywhere.
  • The ability for employees to self-set goals that are approved by managers and align up to the overall objectives of their department and the entire company.
  • Peer-to-peer interaction that allows employees to follow colleagues’ goals and progress, applaud their successes and collaborate when appropriate.
  • Data visualization tools that provide a snapshot of the company, department and individual goals and progress over time.
  • Measurement dashboards that give administrators greater visibility into how teams are aligning with one another and to the company’s objectives.

“Our goal management solution creates a work environment that fosters collaboration and empowers employees to take a leading role in their own development. We took the best aspects of leading goal methodologies and stripped out the dogmatic and arduous components to give our customers a solution their employees and managers want to use,” said Vip Sandhir, Founder and CEO, HighGround. “Agile goals are a great guidepost to help managers give more frequent and meaningful feedback and encourage employees to request input. Research has shown that consistent coaching drives employees to perform better.”

For more information about the HighGround’s goal management capabilities, please visit http://www.highground.com/employee-engagement/employee-development.


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HighGround offers the first HR cloud platform designed for the employee to help companies build highly engaged and high-performing cultures through continuous feedback, ongoing employee development and real-time recognition.  By using HighGround, employees are empowered to recognize peers daily and contribute to their own career path and companies can more effectively capture the voice of the employee and turn annual performance reviews into meaningful, ongoing coaching conversations. With an inspired workforce able to reach its full potential and visibility into organizational health, HighGround customers, such as Cision, Patagonia, Echo Global Logistics and Allianz can increase employee retention, productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive bottom line results. To learn more, visit www.highground.com.


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