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3 Ways to Improve Employee Performance

Looking for ways to improve employee performance? Your employees are just as invested in improving their performance as your organization’s managers and executives. But to improve performance, employees need to be front and center in the process.

Why is performance improvement so difficult?

Research shows that 67 percent of employees in the U.S. are not engaged with or enthusiastic about their work. Since high performance leads to increased engagement, it’s easy to why performance improvement is a high priority for HR teams, employees and managers.

Traditional, annual review processes don’t improve performance or meet employees’ needs, partly because these types of interactions are completely manager-driven. Employees feel like they are simply handed marching orders without autonomy and flexibility.

The process can be equally frustrating for managers, many of whom lack a complete picture of employees’ performance. Additionally, the process offers few opportunities for managers and employees to collaborate on and adjust goals when necessary.

Ways to improve employee performance

There is no silver bullet for improving employee engagement because no interaction alone completely invests every employee. Instead, effective HR teams leverage a combination of interactions that are tailored to the specific needs of the organization and its employees.

  1. Employee-Driven Goal-Setting
    Employees don’t want to receive a laundry list of goals from their managers or supervisors – they want to be directly involved in the process. Ideally, managers and employees should work together to establish achievable goals that align with both organizational priorities and the employee’s strengths.
  2. Coaching and Check-Ins
    Coaching and mentoring create a culture where employees and managers collaborate regularly. Frequent check-ins provide opportunities for managers and employees to monitor progress, discuss challenges and adapt goals in real time.
  3. Peer FeedbackContinuous, constructive feedback plays a valuable role in helping employees achieve their goals. By equipping employees with convenient mechanisms for soliciting feedback from peers and managers, HR teams can make feedback a more positive and useful experience.

Improving employee performance with HighGround

At HighGround, we help HR teams find new ways to improve employee performance. Our performance management and employee engagement platform puts employees in the driver’s seat and improves their performance with check-ins, multi-directional feedback and agile goal setting.

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