3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Employee Satisfaction Survey Technology

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Employee Satisfaction Survey Technology

As a people-first employer, you likely place a heavy emphasis on your organization’s employee satisfaction survey. In fact, the insights you capture from your employee surveys can shape your performance management and engagement strategies for the entire year.
But annual surveys aren’t enough. To capture insights that lead to happy employees and organizational improvement, you need a real-time employee satisfaction survey tool that is easy to use and surveys employees more frequently.

Upgrading Your Employee Satisfaction Survey Technology

Real-time employee satisfaction survey technologies allow you to gauge the sentiment and opinions of your workforce more often. Frequent employee satisfaction surveys capture the voice of your employees in multiple ways, empowering decision-makers with both the quantity and quality of information they need to make better decisions in the workplace.

  1. You need faster, more agile employee satisfaction survey mechanisms. Your business moves at the speed of light. Shouldn’t your employee satisfaction survey tool move as quickly? In today’s workplace, it’s critical to have a way to capture employee opinions on a more frequent basis, using technology that gives you instant visibility to the mood of the workforce.Real-time pulse surveys serve up brief questions regularly, enabling employees to voice their opinions on a more consistent basis. The instant nature of pulse surveys provides the data you need to make more intelligent decisions and identify potential problems before they grow out of control. Even more importantly, pulse surveys give your workforce frequent opportunities to engage on issues that are important for achieving their personal and career goals.
  2. Annual employee satisfaction surveys need to yield actionable data. While polls and pulse surveys provide frequent snapshots of workforce sentiment, annual or semi-annual surveys allow employees to take a deeper dive into critical workplace issues. For the employer, a carefully crafted annual employee satisfaction survey can deliver insights that result in smarter strategies and a stronger company culture.But not all survey technologies are the same. To capture truly insightful responses, you need a robust engagement survey tool that engages your employees and delivers instant access to actionable data – the kind of information it takes to make major decisions or guide the organization during times of transition.
  3. Employee polling tells your employees that their voice matters.Too often, employees feel distanced from the decisions that affect their careers and everyday lives. Employees want assurances that their opinions have been heard and factored into the decision-making process.Workforce polls provide employees with opportunities to offer their opinions in real time and on a device of their own choosing. As a result, they are more invested in the company. Additionally, executives gain a clearer sense of the overall sentiment of the workforce before they finalize decisions that could negatively impact engagement and performance.

Provide Better Employee Satisfaction Surveys With HighGround

When it’s time to improve employee engagement and capture deeper insights about the mood of your workforce, you need an employee satisfaction survey tool that knows how to create a continuous dialogue with your employees.

At HighGround, we specialize in helping today’s employers engage employees in more meaningful ways. We offer a suite of intuitive performance management, recognition and rewards, and employee satisfaction survey tools designed to put your people first.

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