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3 Feedback Tips for Managers

Thirty-seven percent of managers are uncomfortable giving direct feedback about their employee’s performance, according to a recent HighGround eBook. Whether it’s a lack of training or available feedback tips for managers, organizations need to better equip their workforces to deliver feedback more effectively.

How Managers Can Turn Feedback Into a Positive Organizational Asset

Removing negative feedback stigmas is difficult. In the past, feedback has done little to motivate employees, sometimes even coming off as demeaning or insulting. Even more, feedback is often delivered in rigid performance review environments where employees are expecting negative and harsh criticism.

The bottom line: employees fear feedback.

Feedback is an important part of employee engagement, which is why it’s crucial that managers have an in-depth understanding of how to engage in meaningful conversations with employees. These feedback tips for managers will help organizations move from dreaded feedback processes to positive, useful conversations that support individual and company growth:

  1. Turn feedback into a multi-directional process. One of the biggest problems with traditional feedback conversations is the top-down approach. But a multi-directional approach offers opportunities for bottom-up and peer-to-peer feedback as well. It’s a chance for employees to better understand performance from the direct reports and team members they collaborate with every day.
  2. Empower employees to seek out feedback. In a 2016 employee study, Patagonia found that employees who received higher bonuses were more likely to have asked for feedback. When employees solicit feedback from managers and peers, they’re proactively looking for ways to improve performance and productivity.
  3. Make feedback processes simple. Employees want convenience. Providing them a framework that supports simple, straightforward processes – as well as check-ins and self-assessments – ensures they’ll actively request and share feedback.

Facilitating Meaningful Conversations and Feedback Tips for Managers

At HighGround, we know feedback can be leveraged for better business results when properly facilitated. Our employee engagement platform allows organizations to customize processes-based on individual needs.

HighGround is entirely mobile and integrates with existing company technology, allowing users to submit and request 360 feedback anytime they need it – and only those involved in the dialogue can see the shared information.

Interested in more feedback tips for managers? Download our latest eBook, “Feedback Is Not the Enemy,” to learn how organizations can turn a negative, feared element into a positive, performance-driven asset.