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Case Study

Echo Global Logistics Uses HighGround to Engage Millennial Workforce

Learn more about how Echo engaged all of its employees in a way that positively impacts business results, retains high-quality employees and continues excellent productivity.

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Echo Global Logistics

Echo Global Logistics, a leading provider of technology-enabled transportation and supply chain management services, needed to engage its growing workforce. It was challenged by:

  • Blending cultures across 30 offices into a single, cohesive organization
  • Maintaining high service quality
  • Offering clients consistent, great experiences

The company chose the HighGround employee engagement platform to help encourage its employees to live, act and behave in a way that was consistent with Echo’s brand promise and purpose.

Through the program, Echo reduced its flight risk rate by five percent in the last year, translating into increased productivity, cost savings and customer retention.

Download the entire case study to learn more about Echo Global Logistics’ use of the HighGround employee engagement solution.