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Talent Analytics

Gain valuable insight into people data.

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Measure and Boost Your Employee Engagement using People Data

Obtaining workplace analytics is the holy grail for HR. People data and workforce insights are essential to better understanding organizational health.

HighGround can give you a view into your employee engagement data, exposing people and groups that are happy and productive as well as systemic problems. You can analyze all of the key drivers of engagement specific to your organization and the demographic groups within it. Share your findings with employees and help them grow their skills, value and impact over time.

HighGround offers intelligence tools that offer feedback and insight so your leaders can take action to prevent undesired outcomes.

Have a conversation with your data through predictive analytics.

As your engagement data grows with use over time, the system becomes smarter, uncovering things you should know. Slice and dice the data by almost any attribute, including business unit, tenure or location, while protecting individual employee confidentiality. Watch for increases or decreases over time across areas such as:

  • Volume and quality of coaching/feedback sessions over time
  • Number and types of recognitions given
  • See who interacting with whom, when and in what context
  • Engagement levels of various teams, roles and locations
  • Correlation of internal recognition with your customer feedback

Take advantage of interactive, real-time dashboards.

Use our pre-built, easy-to-use dashboards to understand things such as mood over time and to give managers operational active guidance, including reminders to conduct a coaching session or which employees have not submitted goals on time.

Extract data from HighGround.

Aggregate it with other data sources or manipulate in an alternate business intelligence tool or Excel. Do so through our standard API or flat file.