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Five Simple Tips For Building A More Emotionally Intelligent Team

Getting smart people into your company is hard enough. Turning them all into great collaborators and risk-takers is even harder. Even on the most high-performing teams, coworkers don’t just openly share feedback and challenge each others’ ideas all on their own–managers need to create a culture that encourages this. As originally appeared on Fast Company.

4 Essential Things All Great Managers Do

Whether you’re established and experienced or a total newbie, managing a team isn’t easy. You have one team member who responds really well to constructive criticism, while another needs feedback phrased in a gentler way. You have one employee who prefers to communicate via email, while another thinks one-on-one chats are more productive. As originally appeared o Inc. 

Clarify the ‘What,’ ‘Who’ and ‘Why’ of Collaboration

Creating a collaborative work environment begins with knowing what your organization wants to achieve, who should be part of the effort and why the company wants to achieve that goal. Collaboration can drive overall performance, such as increased revenue, and an ability to better execute business strategies, according to a 2016 report from the Institute …

Why Managers Should Aim to Personalize the Employee Experience

Personalization is what keeps employees at a company. Just ask Jessica Schaeffer, director of marketing and communications and chief of staff at LaSalle Network Inc., a staffing, recruiting and culture advisory firm based in Chicago. To personalize the employee experience for her eight team members in her job, she sets aside time to talk with …

What the Google “Anti-Diversity” Memo Got Right

 The 10-page memo is infamous and been called “anti-diversity.” But it raised one salient about how men and women approach salary negotiations. As originally appeared on Market Watch.

14 CEOs on the Most Valuable Job Skill Right Now

There’s no shortage of career advice out there and everyone from your favorite self help gurus to your least favorite in-law thinks they’re an expert on the subject. Good advice — useful, nuanced, and proven — is harder to come by. As originally appeared on Money.

The 10 Workplace Perks That Tech Professionals Want The Most

As the war for tech talent rages on, companies continue to turn to workplace perks to attract and retain employees. “It’s kind of an arms race in terms of developers and other technical staff,” said Carter Lowe, enterprise technical recruiter at Mondo. “Outside of salary, companies are always trying to see what they can do to …

From Here to Internity

Internships have come a long way from the days of coffee fetching and dry cleaning pickups. Many companies now use their programs as a way to recruit and develop their next generation of talent. As originally appeared on Chief Learning Officer. 

How to Thrive When You’re Trapped in a Toxic Work Environment

An ideal workplace offers psychological safety and great benefits, but also boasts a culture that encourages employees to learn and succeed through collaboration and creativity. Toxic cultures, on the other hand, can cause employees massive stress that manifests itself in the form of burnout or even sickness. As originally appeared on Brit & Co.