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How to Thrive When You’re Trapped in a Toxic Work Environment

An ideal workplace offers psychological safety and great benefits, but also boasts a culture that encourages employees to learn and succeed through collaboration and creativity. Toxic cultures, on the other hand, can cause employees massive stress that manifests itself in the form of burnout or even sickness. As originally appeared on Brit & Co.

5 Tips for Managing Needy Employees (Because You’re Not Their Parent)

If a new friend asked you for guidance every time he made a move—from picking out his outfit, to deciding where to eat lunch, to choosing what TV show to watch—you’d stop answering his texts. That kind of neediness is incredibly hard to deal with and no one would blame you for walking away from …

American Startups Need to Hire More Immigrants Like Me

 My dad’s first job when my family moved to the United States was as an electrical engineer earning around $24,000 a year. I thought of him back in February, when thousands of people–many of them working even tougher jobs–took to the streets of New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and other cities in the “Day Without …

11 Signs You Can’t Trust Your Coworkers

It’s crucial that you recognize duplicitous individuals in your workplace — they have the potential to damage your career. You’re particularly at risk if you work in a low-trust environment. As featured on Business Insider.

Top 4 Phrases HR Pros Should Avoid During Performance Conversations

For many managers, especially newer ones, performance-based conversations are uncomfortable.But these conversations are a critical part of the job and saying the wrong thing during these conversations can demoralize employees – especially if those staffers are already struggling. As featured on HR Morning.

Culture Is Critical to Prevent Employers Behaving Badly

Corporate debacles like the problems Uber is now facing with harassment allegations and its CEO on an indefinite leave of absence show that organizational culture can’t be ignored, consultants say. As appeared in Bloomberg BNA.

Giving a Performance Review? Avoid These Phrases

Performance reviews are a crucial opportunity for an employer to express to an employee how they are progressing in the company, and for the employee to have open communication about their job in a formal setting. It is a time to address shortcomings, successes and general feedback. However, an employer should keep in mind that …