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Giving a Performance Review? Avoid These Phrases

Performance reviews are a crucial opportunity for an employer to express to an employee how they are progressing in the company, and for the employee to have open communication about their job in a formal setting. It is a time to address shortcomings, successes and general feedback. However, an employer should keep in mind that …

Enjoying Your Vacation Starts With Being Prepared

Everyone needs a vacation. Taking a much-needed break is necessary in today’s working world. If you don’t, you’ll begin to lack passion and energy. As featured in Business News Daily.

How to Manage a Needy Employee

As a manager, you probably wish you could give all the people on your team more attention. But sometimes certain employees seem to need more than their fair share of your time. Maybe they repeatedly ask you to review their work, look for constant feedback, or regularly show up at your desk to chat. What …

How to Manage High-Maintenance Employees

Every workplace has at least one or two employees who can be described as “high maintenance.” These individuals take up their managers’ time with problems large and small, often to the exclusion and detriment of their peers. As featured in Business News Daily.

Increase the Frequency: Getting the Most Out of Performance Reviews

Gone are the days of employees only receiving performance feedback once a year. While employers still might conduct annual performance reviews, a growing number of companies supplement those evaluations with regular performance discussions throughout the year, according to a study from HighGround, an HR software solution provider. As featured in Business News Daily.

Four Companies That Reinvented Their Employees Performance Reviews

Companies of all sizes and across industries are successfully replacing their employee performance reviews with more frequent results-oriented conversations. These four firms tackled the challenge of engaging employees with aplomb. As featured on

Every Manager Can Become A Better Leader By Asking This One Question

Managing is much harder than most people think. First-time managers often find themselves surprised by the difficulty of their new job, and veteran managers are always looking for ways to make their teams more productive. A new report by HR software company HighGround reveals an improvement opportunity that most leaders miss: they should ask their employees, …