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Understand the voice of the employee through pulse surveys, benchmarking and polling.

Understand the voice of the employee through pulse surveys, benchmarking and polling.

Keep a pulse on your workforce.

You probably already conduct some sort of an annual employee engagement or employee satisfaction survey. These sorts of feedback surveys can give you an understanding of the overall sentiment and can uncover more granular data to help you make strategic workplace decisions. But they need to be done more frequently than annually. HighGround’s platform enables you to create a real-time employee engagement survey that gathers enough quantifiable data to create an open forum for discussion and problem solving.

You can rely on HighGround’s cloud-based employee engagement platform to continually capture the voice of the employee through three types of surveys: pulse, benchmarking and polls. Our intuitive platform collects the data and then analyzes the results. Recipients can even respond via mobile device for on-the-spot action. Ultimately, HighGround’s survey platform takes you one step further toward improving employee engagement.

Employee Polling

Poll your employees to help make better-informed workplace decisions

Pulse Surveys

Use HighGround for pulse surveys to collect employee feedback in real-time

Benchmarking Surveys

HighGround helps create employee surveys that collect real workforce insights.

Using HighGround’s intuitive, social and mobile engagement platform, you can:

  • Monitor the overall mood of your organization trending over time.
  • Find inefficiencies, roadblocks and blind-spots before they happen.
  • Compare averages and track trends and sort data by various employee groups.
  • Make the results transparent to the organization to create an open dialogue for positive change.
  • Guarantee anonymity to give your employees the security to make their voice heard, which gives you access to totally candid, genuine feedback.
  • Answer the questions and address the concerns your employees are raising, fostering good will and eliminating issues before they become huge problems.

Give your employees surveys that deliver immediate results and can be put into action.

HighGround provides polling and pulse surveys that become part of a continuous dialogue with your employees, showing that you are listening, and that employee feedback will result in real progress.

Employee Surveys, real data from surveys

Learn how HighGround can help capture the voice of your employees.