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LRW on Creating Better Managers

Lieberman Research Worldwide needed a way to help its managers become better coaches and leaders.

LRW on Employee Development

Lieberman Research Worldwide knew that backward-looking, annual performance reviews weren’t working. To help better develop their employees, it turned to HighGround’s engagement platform.

Intermedix on Laying the Groundwork for Culture

VP of HR John Hovanian discusses how Intermedix uses HighGround to lay the groundwork for a strong company culture.

Intermedix on Integrating Company Cultures

VP of HR, John Hovanian, talks about how Intermedix has grown through multiple acquisitions and as a result, is now integrating company cultures.

HighGround Customer Story: VRI

VRI implemented HighGround’s employee engagement platform to modernize their performance management process. Their workforce uses HighGround to give peer-to-peer recognition and receive coaching.

HighGround Customer Story: Echo Global Logistics

With office locations around the country, multiple mergers and acquisitions, and a large Millennial workforce, Echo Global Logistics needed a way to unify its company culture. Read the full Echo Global Logistics case study here.

HighGround Customer Story: Patagonia

When Patagonia wanted to revamp its performance management process, it implemented HighGround to help better develop its workforce.

What our customers are saying

  • We have a system that is real, agile, interactive and human. The language in HighGround is very human. We have a system that emulates the kind of relationship we want employees to have with our customers that's intimate and personal. We feel like we're encouraging that same relationship between our employees and our customers.

    – Vice President of Human Resources and Shared Services
  • HighGround brings a very unique recognition platform that is a performance management solution as well. It puts these two together-- you can take recognition from throughout the year and apply it to the performance management process.

    VP of HR
  • HighGround helps leaders know how employees make meaning through their work. Managers can then better give assignments, shape roles, reward and recognize, and coach. For managers who aren’t used to coaching, HighGround is great reminder. It can support people in making the transition from the once a year to continuous feedback.

    VP of Talent
  • Since moving our performance management process from SuccessFactors to HighGround, our managers can now complete the documentation in one-third of the time.

    – Director Compensation, Benefits & HRIS
  • Our business grew rapidly and largely through acquisitions. We needed to quickly blend cultures across disparate offices. With a workforce that is 75% millennial, we use HighGround to share the company values and let our employees recognize one another for living out those values. We analyze all the data in HighGround - across goals, recognition and performance - to identify high performing employees and encourage transparency.

    – SVP of Talent Management
  • Our HighGround program, internally branded RAVE, has been a tremendous help to Sequent’s performance management process. I used to have to manage everything manually via e-mail and document files. Now with RAVE at my fingertips, I am more proactive and organized. We have reduced time spent on the review process by over 300 hours!

    – Corporate HR Manager
  • C-level leaders pushing rewards and recognition is valuable to building connections between team members and the organization. [HighGround] starts to answer business problems like turnover, longevity and morale. Having buy-in from the senior level is really important. Leaders are using the tool to build a relationship with their people – you can't put a price tag on that.

    -Vice President, Human Resources & Training

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